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Saint Petersburg Global Ministries is a non denominational ministry which provides a variety of ministries on an international level. We believe and support the five fold ministry and do not provide licenses to becoming clergy a whom support same sex marriages or Muslim practices. Each applicant will be licensed for a one year term and would need to renew licenses to become re-certified. The certification licenses will allow clergy to remain in good standard with the public with their credentials and to make sure that our terms and conditions aren't violated. Each applicant must believe that God had truly called them for a work and task as a clergy in the Kingdom of God. Saint Petersburg Global Ministries doesn't provide licences at random or to those whom aren't specified in their calling. Classes will be given and supported online via video conference or unless specified by trainer. Applicant must have an active relationship with The Lord. Textbooks, and materials are all included within the pricing above.  A copy of our by laws will be provided while being licensed through our ministry. All applicants must comply with our terms and conditions. Saint Petersburg Global Ministries has the right to reject any ordination licenses or re-certification if applicant violates terms and conditions of terms and conditions.

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